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((Rose bby hai! I miss you all i wish there was something we can do to revive THIS THANG))

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Just as teo said

i miss alll of you like crazzzzzyyy



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*Looks down* and raises a brow* Hey *simple wave*

*looks up and blinks* Is it Halloween already Daddy?

*looks down at the boy and raises a brow* Heh. Kid im not your “daddy” *folds arms* Your Fateher wouldnt be Goku, would it?

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Finals+f’ed up internet = bb missing everything

Damnnnn I’m a excite with frieza and all our new characters. Sorry to rose and Goten. Ill get to you messages when I can! Promise!

Over all hope y’all are having a good day

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Anyone wanna play with my launch ~ Ella es muy solitario

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asker do you like coffee?

It is …okay. I prefer water though

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asker ♪ Eggplant, topped with a spicy sauce! ♪ :D

Sound interesting grey person

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*Looks down* and raises a brow* Hey *simple wave*




Goku returned his father’s smile with one of his own, beaming and finally relaxed. Goku sighed, drawing his arms behind his head as he settled himself into the soft grass and took in the vast, and beautiful morning sky. Silence stole over them as it seemed that both men became lost in the moment, enjoying each others company without the need for words. It was nice, it was nice to finally have a moment to relax.

“Father?” Goku finally began, the word easing as awkwardly from his lips as it had the day he had first met him. Goku tittered almost nervously, shaking the awkwardness from him as he shifted his gaze from the boundless sky to his father’s resting form.

“Ya’ up for a spar?”

Bardock reopened his eyes slowly and looked up at the the calm almost cloudless sky. He did feel himself becoming a little lazy and tightened up from the short period of no sparing. ‘This could be nice’ he thought, maybe as invegurating as it was when sparing with the younge version of his son.

“i dont see why not,” he said as he sat up and turned to his son. A small smirk settling on his face. Nothing like a good spar match in the morning to really get you to wake up. “hope you’re ready”

Goku hopped to his feet, a small smirk mirroring his father’s own set deep into his face as he readied himself for his spar. He had to admit, he had been itching to test his strength against the elder saiyan since he had first met him, but had held off on asking him. Perhaps it had just been saiyan instinct, the innate need to bond over a fight was the saiyan way. At least that was what Vegeta had told him.

Strange how things seemed to work out.

“I’ve been ready.”

The smirk remained on his face at his son beamed up ready to jump in on the action.  Who knew his sons would amount to such greatness. It gave him much pride. He stood up and readied himself looking his son deep in the face. 

"than lets not waste time." 

He readied himself and a stand and wore a strong confident face at his sons. He really was ready to test how far his son has come.

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and then


idk it made me lol a little

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